What's Happening Now

Public comment period on the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for the proposed Ambler Road is currently open now through November 4th. You can find out more information and comment via the National Parks Conservation Association’s webpage here

AIDEA’s next board meeting is December 7th, 2022 with the time to be determined. Upcoming board agenda will be released December  1st or 2nd. 

We are celebrating  Commissioner Deven Mitchell’s last meeting on the AIDEA BOD as he transitions to work as the acting commissioner of the Alaska Department of Revenue. An unidentified board member joked that they are looking forward to Deven getting AIDEA more money from the state. 

Read about AIDEA’s bad financial dealings in Salmon State’s report here  and the proposed Ambler Road Project in their Megaprojects report here 


The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) is a State owned corporation with a longstanding track record of misallocated and often secretive investments in extractive industries across our state. AIDEA could instead invest wisely in a just and sustainable future for all Alaskans • Alaskans are watching AIDEA and demanding a stop to their egregious violations of public interest and public process. Below are snapshots of AIDEA’s failed investments, transparency issues, conflicts of interest, and recent news. What happens in the Arctic happens to the World.

AIDEA’s board and staff aren’t serving Alaskans; they are making bad investments and need to invest our State's precious resources in regenerative, not extractive economies.

Some of AIDEA’s “investments:”

Geographic Distribution of Loans in Alaska

Some of AIDEA's Recent News:

Tanana Chief’s Conference has released a statement about the Department of the Interior’s decision to suspend the Ambler Road Project right of way permit while it carried out a new assessment of the proposed project. You can read TCC’s full statement here and visit TCC’s page Protect the Koyukuk River here

AIDEA ignored federal suspension of Arctic Refuge leases, proposing to allocate $1.5M toward Arctic Refuge oil exploration. AIDEA was one of only 3 bidders on 11 tracts for the Arctic Refuge 1002 area leased early 2021 due to Trump’s 2017 Tax Act. AIDEA is proceeding on 7 of 9 tracts it won, with an approximate total financial responsibility of $16.8mil.

Let’s ensure that Alaskans don't loose more money to AIDEA’s bad ideas!