To participate via teleconference, dial 1 (888) 585-9008 and enter code 212-753-619#

AIDEA Board Meeting Public Comments

  • To provide written public comment:
    •  please email your comments to: no later than 4:00 p.m. on the day before the meeting, so they can be shared with board members prior to the board meeting. 
  • To make an oral comment:
    • To call in, dial 1 (888) 585-9008 and enter code 212-753-619#
    • Please note that AIDEA board start times are known to be unreliable so if you call in to an empty line or what sounds like another meeting, they are likely finishing up with Alaska Energy Authority meeting. If you are patient and stay on the line or check their website for updates, it should be clear when the meeting starts. 
    • You will be muted when you enter the call. To unmute, you will need to press *9 when they ask for public comments.  They will unmute callers individually in the order the calls were received. When an individual is unmuted, you will hear, “It is now your turn to speak.” Please identify yourself and make your public comments.
  • You can also sign up for email and/or text notifications about AIDEA board start time and return to public session from executive session: 

Tips for making a public comment

  • When calling in to testify, do not use a speaker phone. Speaker phone audio quality is poor and makes it difficult for Board members to understand you. Ensure you are in a quiet setting when testifying. Background noise diminishes the quality of your testimony. If you are inaudible, the chairman may ask you to try and remedy the situation. If it is not improved, they may ask you to submit written testimony instead.   
  • There will be periods of silence – don’t hang up! Prior to a meeting beginning the line will be silent. Be patient and wait for the meeting to begin. The line will be silent when the AIDEA board is not on the record.  
  • Written testimony may always be provided and is especially important if time or technical issues do not allow you to complete your public testimony in real time during a meeting. Written testimony should be sent directly to the AIDEA board.
  • Use your own voice. Share your expertise. If you have relevant qualifications to the topic you’re addressing be sure to include that in your comment. Be sure to mention relevant personal experience and any local connections to the issues.

Summery of 3/1/2023 Board Meeting

This board meeting will include a resolution on the proposed Ambler Road project’s budget and work plan for 2023. Visit the 7th page of this document for AIDEA’s slideshow update on the proposed Ambler Road and more details on what they are planning for their 2023 field season.

AIDEA’s board will also hear an update on the Interior Energy Project and the Interior Gas Utility (IGU) in the form of a quarterly report and  IGU Update Presentation that appears to cover the same thing as the quarterly report in less detail. Some updates include that they have installed about 220 miles of natural gas distribution lines throughout non-attainment areas in FNSB. This update mostly talks about the Interior Gas Utility (IGU) who exceeded their 2022 goal and installed 635 service lines in 2022. The IGU is funded via AIDEA and just signed a 20 year contract with Hilcorp for LNG from the North Slope for FNSB, locking the Interior into a LNG contract when we need to transition to renewables. This is being celebrated by AIDEA and IGU as “the first time natural gas from the North Slope has been commercialized outside of the North Slope”